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    Quality yoga instruction for all ability levels including gentle and therapeutic.

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  • Therapeutic Massage

    Professional therapeutic touch to assist with relaxation or injury recovery.

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Laura Yon Yoga & Bodywork in Seattle

Safe, insightful yoga classes infused with mindfulness and breath awareness.

Laura trained in the therapeutic yoga lineage of viniyoga. She has been a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner for 30 years and has taught since 1992. She compassionately adapts the postures for each person’s capabilities. Laura dedicates her life to helping others move with ease, open their hearts and quiet their minds. Laura Yon holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine, is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and a Registered Yoga Therapist. Combining her knowledge and experience, Laura is uniquely qualified to help people who have had an injury, chronic pain or a chronic illness.

 “Laura is a master at offering therapeutic asana with gentle challenge, and deeply gifted with guiding her students to a blissful state of inner quiet and union.”  D.H.

Private Yoga Instruction, Therapeutic Massage

A private yoga or massage session will focus on your specific areas of concern, help you recover from an injury, illness or stress and relieve muscle or joint injuries.  You will receive individualized attention from Laura to release patterns of tension and long-term holding in the body.  You will learn movement and breathing techniques which will help you continue your healing and recovery, quiet your busy mind and bring peace into your life.

Retreats & Special Events

Yoga in the Yucatan:
Asana, Meditation and Adventure Retreat
Feb 28th-March 7th, 2015
Maya Tulum, Mexico
Please email for more information

Group Classes

Sun- 9:00-10-15am All Levels
Balance Studio 418 N 35th St
$15 drop-in

Mon- 9:30-10:45am Renew & Rebuild
Yoga on Beacon 3012 Beacon Ave S
$15 drop-in

Tues- 5:45-7:00pm Moderate Yoga
         7:15-8:45pm Yoga Basics ~ starts Sept 30th
Phinney Ridge Yoga 6615 Dayton Ave N
$16 drop-in

Wed- 9:30-10:45am Yoga Basics
Balance Studio 418 N 35th
$15 drop-in

Thurs-4:30-5:45pm Renew & Rebuild
Yoga on Beacon 3012 Beacon Ave S
$15 drop-in

Fri- 9:30-10:45am Yoga Basics
Balance Studio 418 N 35th St
$15 drop-in  

Fri- 3:00-4:00pm Gentle Yoga
Pay-What-You-Can  2727 Fairview Ave E. Suite D

Private Yoga Instruction

Custom classes to help you Rebuild & Renew!

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Therapeutic Massage

For relaxation and healing

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